Trekking Poles

When we first started to hike in earnest, the thought of using trekking poles seemed dorky and best left to the elderly. We just didn’t encounter many people using them, either. A year later, we’re solid converts. Almost all the hikers we pass this summer seem to be using them now. Here’s what we discovered: […]

Wearing Wool

Wool, actually merino wool is pretty amazing stuff. Its fibers are very tightly crimped and treasured for their ability to retain their shape, wick moisture away from the skin, and be itch-free. Merino wool has natural odor resistant properties and can be worn for a considerable amount of time before it needs washing. This is […]

Post Mortem

We learned a lot about ourselves on this trip to Costa Rica. 1. Not knowing the language can be a big problem. Having a convincing Spanish accent does not mean you understand or can be understood. Nailing the nouns is one thing. It’s far more important to be able to use and understand the correct […]