Dugway and Goosenecks


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After leaving Natural Bridges National Monument, we’d planned to camp overnight at Goosenecks State Park. But with 35 mile an hour winds making it challenging to stand upright, we didn’t stay long.

Goosenecks State Park overlooking the San Juan River, 1000 feet below

Laughing into the wind at the brink of Goosenecks

Goosnecks panorama

The welcoming entrance to Goosenecks State Park

The rather spartan camping facilities at Goosenecks

Just after the Goosenecks, we found ourselves hurtling down the graded dirt switchbacks of the Moki Dugway, considered one of the world’s most dangerous roads. Who knew?

Just a few of the curves involved with the Moki Dugway

Next up was Monument Valley where a serious sandstorm brewed up lots of atmosphere. The Navajos even abandoned their roadside stands for the day.

Monument Valley in the distance

The high winds persisted and heavy rain fell for the next couple of hours before we arrived in Page, Arizona for the night.

Power plant near Page


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