Silver Falls




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Silver Falls State Park has an extensive, well maintained trail that can be hiked in several different lengths. The full loop is 6.9 miles and features 10 waterfalls and the trail even passes behind Silver Falls. We decided to do a shorter loop on this Mother’s Day outing with daughter Hannah.

The trail’s beginning is particularly dramatic as it starts out following a rather placid-looking river bank and takes you right to the top of the falls only a short distance from the lodge and parking lot. The trail drops down to the base of, then behind, the falls. This is the most popular, and crowded, part of the trail.

Once you get beyond the main falls, the trail follows the river and passes several other waterfalls.

(The photos below are from an earlier trip in April)

The loop ends up back at the a set of historic lodge buildings, constructed in the 1940s.

Gear and supplies

His Gear

  • Columbia convertible pants
  • Keen Sandles
  • Nike tee
  • REI waist pack

Her Gear

  • Teva sport sandals


  • 0.5 Liters

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  1. Your website is superbly designed. It’s apparent you know what you’re doin’. A real treat. The content is beautiful, too–inspiring AND challenging! Yikes, you folks have taken on lots of exploring. Looks like most of it is doable by normal human beings but that could be because you are not normal human beings! I’m in my sixties and haven’t undertaken much aggressive hiking in years. Used to love to get way off in the wilderness.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and for sharing them. They give me ideas!

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