White Sands National Monument


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I’ve wanted to go to White Sands National Monument for well over thirty years now, and we finally made it! It’s hard to describe. At first it looks really disappointing. There’s little fanfare as you approach it, and if you’re not looking for the turn, can easily slip right past the entrance.

White Sands panorama

From a distance, it’s very hard to understand the scale or scope. And, you’ve GOT TO GET OUT OF THE CAR! The texture of the sand is challenging to translate into words. It’s cold, it’s damp but not wet. It sticks to your skin but has no smell. It’s impossibly white and wonderful and weird.

White Sands panorama

The roads into the monument are hard-packed sand but super firm and quiet.

Even the picnic area is surreal. Visitors are encouraged to bring sleds and saucers to ride the dunes. All rentable at the Visitor’s Center. I’d love to go back, early in the day, and explore some more.

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